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Our Story

We started off with the idea to form a company where the clients get the very best of service, even if that means taking more time to accomplish it. With the concept that the job isn't done until the carpets are as clean as we can make them, we moved forward investing in classes and trying new product lines. Business picked up and we were on our way to being just like every one else.

Then, when things took a turn for the worse, we found our niche.

My wife, Christine, had developed MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) from being severely exposed to chemicals. It gradually got worse and finally to the point that when I would come home from work, she couldn't come near me. The chemicals were having such an effect on her she would feel sick with nausea and muscle pain that would literally put her in bed for days. During this time, I had taken on several jobs and after awhile, the same cleaning agents I had used for so long were starting to affect me as well. Something needed to be done and done quickly. Otherwise, our business that we had put our heart and soul into would have to close. That is when we decided we wanted to create aCleaner Carpets Naturally | Carpet Cleaning | Green Carpet Cleaning | OregonCleaner Carpets Naturally | Carpet Cleaning | Green Carpet Cleaning | Oregonservice that wouldn't use harmful chemicals.* Instead, we would offer safer products and processes for cleaning the carpet and furniture in today's homes.

We began using These products and found others that were compatible our new concept and decided to follow those with a True Rinse, our final rinse using only clean water - no added products. As this concept took root in our company, we noticed others were concerned about the use of chemicals as well. Slowly but surely, we started getting calls from others with allergies, sensitivities, those concerned for their children, or people who were just going away from the use of harsh chemicals in their cleaning.

If your family wants clean carpet and upholstery without the irritants that may bother pets, children, seniors, or those with sensitivities to harsh cleansers, then Cleaner Carpet Naturally LLC may be able to help. We work to use the latest all-natural products and technologies to get your carpet clean in a way that is "People, Pets, and Planet Friendly".

* Though we use green products in our cleaning, some spots may require products that do not fit this classification. Permission will be requested before using these products and several True Rinse passes will be made in our effort to rinse them thoroughly from the carpet.