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Cleaner Carpets Naturally

Commercial Upholstery Services

Make your customers, visitors and employees feel welcome and valued by having well cared for upholstery. Using specially designed products, equipment and methods, the upholstery experts at Cleaner Carpet Naturally help restore the beauty of your upholstered furniture. In addition, removing dust and allergens from sofas, chairs, office partitions, fabric panels and other upholstered items can lead to a healthier environment for everyone. We remove the hard-to-see contaminants that exist in upholstery, such as dead skin cells, oils and dust that can only be removed with a thorough professional cleaning.

Biokleen Household Cleaning Products

We trust Biokleen products so much that we carry their household products and offer them for sale to you. If you are concerned about the everyday cleaning products in your home, please contact us today. We will help you find the right Biokleen products for your household needs.

View a common carpet stain spotting guide provided by Stainmaster® to be used as a resource for those interested. It is not sponsored by nor affiliated in any way with Cleaner Carpet Naturally.

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